About us

We have setup this website to highlight and display our growing library of images taken in and around the Royal National Park.

Currently our team of Photographers consists of husband and wife team Graham and Barbara Grocott,  both have several years experience capturing the images of the park, Bundeena and Maianbar.

Established in 1879, the Royal National Park is the world’s second oldest national park – after Yellowstone in the USA.

Only 32 km from Sydney, the Royal packs incredible natural diversity into a relatively small area. It offers riverside picnics, great surf beaches, clifftop & heathland walks, rainforest, cycle tracks, and much more.

For the photographer it offers unlimited opportunities. Beautiful sunrises, coastal landscapes, clifftop headlands, misty rainforests, waterfalls and bushland views. Photography can be combined with hiking, camping, boating or cycling but most photographic locations can be accessed from the various car parks by a short walk.

Located within the park to the north are the small villages of Bundeena and Maianbar.  Towards the south there are the towns Helensburg, Otford, Stanwell Park and Stanwell Tops.  Scattered within the Park are a small number of  isolated properties and a number of church based retreats .  Located along the coast and at Bonnie Vale are a decreasing number of shacks built around the 30’s.  These residents are lucky to have at their door step the opportunity to enjoy and capture the nature of the park in their daily lives. Most the residents travel the 25klms though the park to Sutherland as part of their daily commute to the office.  The western boundary is enclosed by the suburbs of Sutherland, Loftus, Engadine ,Heathcote and Waterfall.

Graham and Barbara have used this time to capture the beauty of the park, during 2010 Graham managed to take a great image everyday which was recorded on his Facebook page and later published in a coffee table book and promoted by the Art of Living Festival.

We are a small business and have no relationship with the “N.S.W National parks & Wild Life Service” nor  the National Parks Association except for our  love of  the grandeur of the Royal National Park. 



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